Rights and Responsibilities

Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

  • Right to respectful care
  • Right to continuity of care
  • Right to seek additional opinion for the required clinical care
  • Right to an informed consent
  • Right to personal dignity, respect and courtesy
  • Right to be informed about risks, benefits and complications of the proposed treatment
  • Right to access own clinical records
  • Right to privacy and confidentiality
  • Right to know the identity of care givers
  • Right to information about healthcare needs
  • Right to know the cost of treatment advised and being administered
  • Right to grievance redressal
  • Right to refusal of treatment

Patient Responsibilities

  • Responsibility to provide complete and accurate information about one's identity and medical condition
  • Responsibility to provide complete and accurate information about one's relatives / next-of-kin or attendant
  • Responsibility to treat the hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy, respect and dignity
  • Responsibility to follow all hospital rules and regulations
  • Responsibility to ensure all hospital bills are paid in full
  • Responsibility to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the hospital
  • Responsibility to not take any medication without the knowledge of the hospital doctors and care givers
  • Responsibility to not smoke, chew tobacco or consume alcohol within hospital premises
  • Responsibility to provide accurate information related to insurance or corporate policy, as applicable
  • Responsibility to not bring valuables into the hospital
  • Responsibility to follow the prescribed treatment and keep the treating doctor informed
  • Responsibility to avoid speaking or behaving in an unruly manner or disturb other patients or hospital staff
  • Responsibility to adhere to the appointment schedule and maintain decorum within hospital premises